Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aida's Art: Part 3

Aida's art has blown my mind recently!! 
So much detail and it is fun to see her 
finally putting words to what she is drawing!
I love it!

"American Girl Doll Skull Fashions" 

"Christmas Garden"

"A pack of ships attack the town"

Aida woke up one morning and spent an hour working on this.

"Monsters Battling"

"Mermaids swimming with Christmas wreaths and party masks!"

"Winter Witch"

"Polly Pocket Fashion Apartment"

Building fairy houses on Mackworth Island
in Portland, Maine

"Mumma, let's build a tree house before school!"
She drew up plans before hand which was
a cute pic of the tree house 

Checking out an art history book at the
summer Montpelier Art Walk. She stayed here for about
30 minutes just looking at the book and asking the artist
questions about the paintings.

crazy color project from Jill!
We still work on it!

Lovingly giving my axe "a tattoo" before the
Summer Death Race

My Beautiful Artist