Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's on Board for 2013?

So, I thought I would list out what I am signed up to do this coming year. I don't need to write this down to be held accountable because I know what I love and know what I need to do to get ready, but this will help me say, wow, I am going to be busy and happy! These are things I want to try to finish, not win, not to be fast, but to join in and give things a shot. I have it listed on my blog but thought it would be good to give a synopsis of each and why I am doing the races. Here is a run down:

1. Death Race Camp #1- January 4-5. DONE. See blog entry here. I need to do at least 5 of these long, sleep deprived adventures before the real Death Race on June 21.

Death Race Camp #1. 12 hours in. "Good Morning" with an axe ;)

2. Death Race Camp #2- January 12. DONE. See blog entry here. One week after the DR Camp 1. I was whooped from the week before. Good lessons learned at that camp: pace the big trainings at least until you get close the June 21...then hammer down and train hard.

3. Winter Death Race- February 1. Volunteer. I get to watch the most amazing people push themselves in cold weather, be submerged in cold water, etc, for the weekend. Yes, this is fun to me. And, I get to see other incredible volunteers who will be participating in the Summer Death Race with me.

4. Peaks Ultra Half Marathon Snowshoe Race- March 2. I signed up for this back in July 2012. I just finished the Peaks 50K, recently addicted to new challenges and looking to find other Peak Races to try up in the coming year. I have never done a snowshoe race so I signed up. I figure a half marathon snowshoe race would would be a good ass whooping, especially on Joe's Mountain. 1200 vertical per loop, 2 loops. I may turn this into a Death Race training day. Not sure since I will have a 36 hour training the weekend before with my Death Race training partner.

Peak Snowshoe Race

5. Traprock 50K- April 13. Time to get away to hopefully a snowless New England state (CT) to run on trails! My friend mentioned this race and said, let's go, road trip. So, a few of us will be going down to run this 10 mile loop 3 times! Training started this past weekend...long runs on the weekends now for the next 10 weeks....mixed in with DR training during the week. (Remember to pace yourself, dummy!) I know other Vermonters from the ultra community will be going down too! They are accomplished runners so it will be fun to see other Vermonters tearing up the trails down there (Nick Yardley, Serena Wilcox, Heather Furman, and MA awesome runner, Michelle Roy).

5. Road to the Pogue 10K- May 11. A friend mentioned this as a fun 10k. It will be a nice change to do something like this in between Traprock and the next item...Peak Race 50 miler. (Wtf? Am I really going to do that?) No carrying water, just running fast and enjoying Mt. Tom in Woodstock.

Road to the Pogue course map

6. Peaks Ultra 50 Miler- June 1. Ok, so I signed up for this last June, just after I finished the Peaks Ultra 50k. As I crossed the finish line, Andy said, "how about the 50 miler? You have a whole year to train for it!" I almost punched him after just running/hiking for 10.5 hours but it stuck with me. So, while I was coming down from the high of finishing an ultramarathon (albeit, slow), I decided that this would be my A Race for 2013. But, that would change....in October 2012, after I completed the Spartan Beast Race, I decided to sign up for the 2013 Summer Death Race.

7. Summer Death Race- June 21-???? Here is my blog entry on why I decided to sign up for it. (I just had to reread it to see why I did sign up. Kidding.) Time to push myself to a place of craziness to see what I am about. Do I sit around and continue to be content with being inspired or perhaps inspire others? This is now my A Race of the year. All of these other things I have listed...these are trainings for the Death Race. Each will have its mental challenge of training for it and each will push me hard. Since the Death Race is #1 in my book for my goal for the year, I will do my best not to overdo it training and trying to finish these things. My goal is to get super strong, push myself mentally in these other races and take those experiences with me to the starting line on June 21.

Death Race 2012. About to embark on an all night 20 mile trek
on trails with kayaks

8. Moosalamoo Ultra- TBD (August, I think). Now that the Death Race sufficiently kicked my ass into oblivion, I would like to do the Moosalamoo Ultra again this year. I did the 15 miler last year and would probably stick to that this year just as a fun thing to do in August. No pressure. Just go out and hike and run and finish. Here is a recap of last year's race. It was so fun. I met some incredible people that day.

Moosalamoo Ultra 2012 runners

9. Spartan Beast Obstacle Race- September 21. Not sure about this one. I did this last year as my first obstacle course race. It was so fun!!! We will see. I may scrap this so I can have enough rest to do the next item.

Spartan Beast! So fun.

10. Circumburke Trail Race- October 27. 40k. Running in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont?!! Ok! I have never run up there. I was super close to doing this this year but decided not to. I would LOVE to run this. I hope I can fit it in somehow. Or maybe I can go run part of it. This is also a mountain bike race for those who may be interested.

I am not a biker, but good pic of the race at Circumburke

11. Run your Can Off- November. I LOVED this urban trail run last year!! I completed 23.5 miles and just ran and ran the loop for 5.5 hours. Did not have to carry alot of water or food really since it was a 1.3 mile loop. The temperature was so comfortable. Lots of cool people. A good way to end the year. It would be fun to finish out 2013 with this run again. What awesome people who volunteered and put on a great day!

Finished Run your Can Off!
So, is this crazy? Probably. But, it is fun to list it out and have goals. No pressure from anyone to do this. Again, my A Race is the Summer Death Race. I will be preparing the next 5 months for that and then everything else will be helping me get ready for it. If I can't accomplish all of these things, that's ok. But, I am usually pretty good about planning so we will see....check back in December 2013 at a year end blog post to see what I accomplished!

Hope you can accomplish want you set out for, too!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Death Race Camp #2- One Week Later....DUH!!! Did I really do that?!??!

Have you ever taken a plate of food that was too large but realized, I can't finish all that??!!?!

I started feeling that way after 6 hours of Death Race Camp #2 this past weekend. In my delirious state on the Tuesday after my 26 hour push in Death Race Camp #1, I had a mental breakdown and cried and said "I want more DR camps! I am going this weekend!" Buzzed on adrenaline all week, I was psyched up to give it a go again, just 7 days later. Several people told me "don't over train too early". "Take a rest, this is hard stuff on your body." "You are not 25!" But, I had to figure it out on my own. After a tough conversation with my family about how much time the Death Race was going to take from my life over the next 5.5 months and with advice from veteran Death Racers, I said, fuck it, I have got to figure this out on my own, I am going to Death Race Camp #2.

And, boy, did I feel it.

I was definitely fuzzy headed all week from the exertion and the lack of sleep for two days. I did not sleep starting at Friday at 6am, got 6 hours of crappy sleep in the Amee Farm Greenhouse Saturday night after training for 26 hours straight of training, and then had to drive home and be a mom and spouse for the remainder of the day on Sunday, sliding outside in the snow with Aida and chasing her around, recapping my training with Seth over dinner. I did not sleep for 72 hours.

Then, Andy sends out an email "Death Race Camp #2 next weekend". God damn it. I am doing it.

So, I tried to rest up all week as best I could. I was not horribly sore but I was tired.

So, I woke up at 3:45am Saturday morning so I could be on the road to be at The Trailside Lodge in Killington by 6am. The roads were black ice so I left early, by 4:30am. Other racers had spent the night at the lodge. I just could not leave my family for another night so I decided to leave early in the morning. I packed my car the night before and hopped in and left. Don Devaney had messaged me that I needed to be there at 6am to leave with Andy. I texted Jordan, my training partner (thank you for training with me!), and told him the same.

I arrived at the lodge by 5:45am. Everyone was there. Most had spent the night and it was nice to meet new people and see others. So glad to see Michelle again! She and I would be the only women at this camp. I think there were about 10 racers total. Andy arrived and the day began!

We were told to have everything we would need for the next 12 hours and that we would not be back to have access to our stuff until after 6pm. So, I made a quick decision to strap my winter boots onto my pack and to leave my snow shoes in the car. I had my ax (I love my ax), a backpack of food and change of clothes, hand saw, water, hiking poles, etc. It still felt heavy but whatever. I still need to work on that.

So, Andy announces we will run the 6 miles to the Amee Farm, Killington to Pittsfield. Dark, slippy roads and on coming traffic made in interesting! I trudged along, Jordan and his friend Dana ran with me a bit and then Michelle came back and ran with me. We had some awesome conversations and that made that 6 miles fly by. We talked about our hurdles and life challenges of the past few years. We had some good bonding. We are both inquisitive women and it was easy to connect right away. She is a gem and man do I feel so lucky to have gotten to know her.

Joe Desena met us half way or so. The side roads were so slippery that Andy decided that we were going to go to Joe's house for "exercise time". Oh boy. So, we took off our shoes and headed into his "barn." This was not like the sheep shit barn we spent hours in the weekend before, kids. So beautiful. We were instructed to do 100 burpees. Michelle and I stripped down to sports bras (sorry for my hairy armpits, boys) and then part way through, Joe said "Andy said we should do 300 instead." So, we kept chugging along. I cheered Michelle on and we got them done. Joe then told us to do jump up pull ups. He had a pull up bar on a barn beam but I could not reach it even with 3 sandbag/pancakes so we found a fourth and that helped. We were instructed to do 150 reps in sets of 10 and in between sets, do 5 spartan squats per leg. Alright! So, I did about 110-120 pull ups and about 60 squats each leg and then Joe said it was time to do some quick yoga stretching. He lead it. Ah, that felt good but my quads were spent.

Next, get our stuff back on and get back outside. We ran the mile to the Amee Farm and Don was there and instructed us to build an igloo to fit 11 people. Since no one brought a bucket, we had to do 300 burpees each.  But, a smart racer said "we can do 1100, 100 a piece". Don said FINE. So we did 100 each, got a bucket and were instructed to only take snow that was in between the greenhouses. This made us walk a bit but whatever. Don timed us and at one point said "you are running out of time! You can buy more time with burpees! 500 burpees will get you 15 extra minutes!" So, Michelle and I volunteered to do the burpees. Laura, a Spartan employee, joined in and so we divided up the burpees equally and chugged away. Boom, we got them done and the igloo was coming along nicely. After we were finished with the igloo, Don instructed us to go inside the greenhouse, take a quick break, get water and food, and listen to Thomas, a volunteer, tell us what our next task was. Don first said we needed to do 50 more burpees. Ok, I had done 650 at this point. JESUS. So, after that we were told that the next challenge would be a mental challenge. We had to first make a decision if we wanted to be solo or be a part of a team. Four people chose to be on a team, the rest of us, solo. Then, we were told that we had to go outside and get one of the Spartan Chariot of Fire sleds, fill it with 12 inch logs and then haul it up Joe's Mountain.

King of the Mountain, Don
buckets and buckets of snow!

So, Michelle and I got our sleds and immediately went over to the pile of split wood that myself and other death camp 1er's had split the weekend before. We started filtering through the pile to see if there were 12 inch logs but they were all bigger. So, I took out my hand saw and starting trimming some. Jordan, Dana and Michelle helped each other cut pieces with axes and loaded up their sleds. Ok, it was time to start towards the mountain.

Holy shit, the sled was so heavy. It was 40 degrees out and the sweat started pouring off of us. We got to the river and Michelle, Jordan, Dana and I decided not to cross it but to go up Tweed River Drive instead and then up the .8 mile (?) up to the top from there. So, we hauled and hauled, I was way behind having a hard time keeping up. I had talked to Don a little earlier about how tired I was most likely from the suckfest of the weekend before. He agreed but did not offer any advice. He was in Don/Director mode. Understandable. Anyway, I was struggling and Jordan stopped to pull both my sled and his at the same time. We hooked them together with one of Michelle's carabiners. How can he pull both sleds?!??!!? Good god, must be nice to be young and strong! So, I was frustrated with being exhausted and wanting to pull my own weight. I helped Jordan pull the sleds for a bit. We got to Tweed River Drive and had a pow wow with Dana, Jordan and Michelle. I told them my body was junk from the weekend before, should I really be doing this to myself right now?? I kind of got upset and Michelle talked me down saying that absolutely, I am spent from the weekend before and that we are not spring chickens any longer and that back to back camps is ambitious...that I still had 6 miles to get back to my car and this is camp and that I already got alot out of it for the day. She was speaking the perfect truth and I listened. Jordan said this is about self improvement and that made a huge impact on my decision to stop there and head back the 6 miles to my car.

Getting ready to cross the river with the sleds!

Michelle, Dana and Jordan getting near the top of the mountain! Beasts!

So, I gave them my turkey sandwiches, gave and received big hugs, and started my hike down Rt 100 to my car. After a mile or so, I changed back into my wet sneakers and just trudged along, hoping to not get hit by a stupid car. I got in a great zone and just meditated the whole way back. It took me about 1.5 hours to hike back. How come no one picked a woman up carrying an ax???! I was happy to see the "welcome to Killington" sign because I knew the lodge was in Killington. ;) Actually, I was content (yet tired) to just plod away and think about the day and what I had accomplished:

1. 650 burpees
2. helped build and igloo, hauling craploads of buckets of snow
3. ran 6 miles with full pack, ax, etc
4. 110 jump up pullups
5. 60 spartan squats per leg
6. bonded with Michelle ;)
7. hauled a sled of wood for 1.5 miles (?)
8. Hiked 6 miles back to my car
9. know that I gained strength physically and mentally
10. finished 9 hours of the 12+ camp #2

1. It is ok to take someone's help if it is offered.
2.Verified, again, that Jordan is a kick ass training partner.
3. Training is there to not only get me stronger but to expose any weaknesses so that I can work on them over the next few months.
4. I am 40, almost 41. I am not 25. I am just starting on this endurance event journey. I am strong but I have a lot of work to do and it also will take me longer to recover. Be mindful of this and drop the crazy expectations that I can keep up with someone in their early 20s.
5. I don't like to quit. I am stubborn. This is helpful to know. ;)
6. take your time and try not to do too much at once. Space these big trainings out. It is super tempting since Pittsfield is only 1 hour away so when these trainings are offered, it is hard no to say JUMP and head there. Not sure when the next one is but it will be super hard to sit it out if it is soon.

I have just signed up for Traprock 50k in CT on April 13. I am going to get running again and figure out a way to work in my DR training and yoga. I need more hours in the day!!!!! Balancing all this and having a full time job and a family sure is interesting! Glad I am a good time manager and that I have super awesome experienced athletes in my life who I can talk to and get advice.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Death Race Training Camp #1- 26 Hours of FUN (and pain!)

26 hours of continuous training for the Death Race! I had not been up that long since my daughter was an infant. :)

I feel so happy. Tired but not horrible. Sore but I have felt worse. I want to get back out there again RIGHT NOW.

Does this mean I get what the Death Race and what Andy and Joe are offering really means? I am not there  to compete but to have an experience. Not to win, but to say when the going gets tough, keep on trucking. I did quit at one point because I was freezing during the 10 mile run. I am pissed I did that. I should have kept going but I went back to the farm. I knew it when I made the decision, too. I said to myself "this is what it is about. And it is going to be 50 times worse come June 21." And, I turned around. GRRRR. I was still in the game, though, and finished the camp with a smile on my face. Anyway, below is a recap of the tasks we were given in those 26 hours. This will be long but it will be entertaining! It was amazingly FUN.

Thursday night, I packed up all my gear into my backpack and also all the extras into a bucket to leave at the Amee Farm Greenhouse.

I left my house around 4:45pm to get to the Pittsfield General Store for some food. Treehugger wrap set me up for the evening! We signed in with Peter Borden there, literally signed our life away (waiver) and were told to go to the Amee Farm Greenhouse, drop off our gear and be ready to get going at 7pm.

Amee Farm Greenhouse. Gear drop and that shelf
would be my bed 26 hours later. 

Unbelievably happy!
Getting gear ready!
Don Devaney and Mr. Skully, a constant at Death Races

Death Race veterans, Don Devaney, Norm Koch, and Todd Sedlak, and Peter Borden, Death Race volunteer veteran, were in charge of the first 12 hours of our weekend. After we settled in (I believe there were about 18 of us who started?) we were directed to take several pieces of lumber down to the river (about a half  mile) and were told we were going to build a bridge across the river at some point during the weekend and to start figuring out how to get it done. We hauled stuff for about an hour or so, were told get our asses back to the farm by 8:30 or we would have to do burpees for every minute we were late. Don said we had to do 300. Good times!

We went back in to the greenhouse, Don split us into teams. I was the pink team so we got a piece of pink duct tape and we were to keep track of our burpees on it. We had to do all 300 by the next morning. All of a sudden, a camera crew was there...it was 60 minutes! Huh? It was pitch dark out and we were doing burpees, counting loudly as we were doing them and the big camera was in my face! I finished 120 and we were told to go back inside to get our packs. We went back outside to pick a log from the pile (buried in snow) and to cut it up into 18 inch pieces with our handsaw and then split it with our ax. Easy. I was so happy to use my ax! It was starting to snow and it was not too cold out so it was really pleasant being out there. I think after this we had to do more burpees so I finished up to 200 and then Don said it was time to bring our pack down to the Bikram Yoga Studio which was about a mile away. This was at about 9:30pm. 

Next task? Not bikram yoga like we were all hoping for! Take buckets and shovel off the 2 feet of snow that buried the Spartan Race obstacle course pieces that were under tarps and put everything in the large trucks or the storage container. AWESOME. It was snowing pretty steady still and we were all in good spirits just chugging away. Spartan headquarters is in the yoga studio so I peeked in to check it out. Totally unassuming place. You would never know a $50 million business was run there. :)

Spartan Headquarters

Jordan hauling one of the MILLION boards we carried
over the next 3 hours. We were storing them in those containers and trucks.

So, I think we were at the studio doing this until 1am ish? Before we left, we were told to dig out 60 and 80 pound concrete blocks that are used in the Spartan Races and drag them back to the Amee Farm (a mile) along with a 5 gallon bucket and a pipe. Luckily, we all had rope so we rigged it and and started dragging. It was still snowing so the roads were a little slick which helped us when dragging the weight. I could not pick up that 60 pounder so I put it in my bucket, tied a rope on the handle (like everyone else, I think) and hoofed it back. 

So, it was now about 2am I think and it was time to go to the Sheep Barn! Oh boy. No sheep there but PLENTY of sheep shit to shovel. We were told to dig to the floor, which was about a foot deep of compacted hay and sheep shit. We could only use what was in the barn to dig. There were no shovels. So we found scraps of metal, used axes, etc, to dig it up and put them into the buckets or anything we could find in the barn and haul it outside and drop into a huge pile. Oh my god. So gross. As you dug deeper, the ammonia smell increased from the urine. I can't imagine what we inhaled for those 3 hours or so. I had some major laughing fits during this time. How ridiculous was this task!! Come on, you had to laugh!

Sheep shit by the yard!

Don supervising  :)

It was such a beautiful night out. Thank god we could get out of the barn to empty the buckets. All I remember hearing as I would empty the buckets is Peter, Don and Todd talking about the Easter Bunny or holiday stuff as they sat outside watching us. Weird memory but that is what I remember. :) And,I don't think we even got 3/4 of the way through. It was a massive job.

Ok, we were told to all of a sudden go back to the barn but we had to run. So, through knee deep snow, we did. Was it 3:30 or 4am now? Our next task was to move 4 large Spartan Walls down the trail towards the river. Don gave directions. I don't even remember what the were exactly but they had to be put where he marked the snow and off the side of the trail on the right side. I think these walls were 12-15 feet long or less? Not sure but they were heavy! So, working as a group was interesting to say the least on this task. What is the best way? What did Don say? Where do these go? One, two, three, push! It was kind of a cluster fuck. The trail is hilly and twisty and there is a narrow bridge so this was not going to be easy.
So,  we ended up dragging them somehow to where they needed to go. And, then we were told to go back to the greenhouse to take a break (this is camp, so we had a half hour. No breaks in the Death Race!) Most of us ate food and took a quick nap on the ground. This was at about 6am.

Hello, Spartan Walls. I hate you.

Bitchy walls ;)

At 6:30, wake up! Time to head back outside for burpees! I finished up my 300 at this point and then we were told to get another log to saw and split. And, then at around 7am, Andy and  Joe show up! Just as the sun was starting to rise, our day of hell would begin! :) Joe was barking at us from the get go and Andy was "the nice one" and said his hellos, hugs and hand shakes.

Hand saws were not liking the logs

Kind of cold this morning

What am I saying?

Andy is here! Shitshow will begin soon!

Andy, the dude who inspires me the most!

Jordan destroying the log

So, Joe is there barking at us the whole time we are chopping wood. "60 minutes is coming back! Get your wood chopped! Breakfast will be served at the General Store. Let's go!! You have 5 minutes....3 minutes, etc. Let's go!" 

So, after we were done, we had to keep 4 pieces of the wood and carrying them with us. We were told to get our stuff and to head to the Pittsfield General Store for breakfast. This is when Robin Crossman, 3 time Death Race finisher and my hero, said "breakfast is not going to happen." Shit, Joe duped us. So, we were told to not to walk on the road but to walk in the field to the store and no one could go in anyone else's tracks in the knee deep snow. We trudged our way to the store, were told to put our breakfast orders in and then get back outside to dig out the large metal holiday sleigh. GREAT. Two feet of snow and the sucker was behind a big snow bank as tall as the sleigh. So, we dug it out, and tried to free it from the frozen ground. We had to get it over the bank and into the driveway so we could push it to god knows where. I thought for sure we were going to have to haul it up to the top of Joe's Mountain. Nope, Joe came out and told us there was no breakfast, put our packs on and follow him. We pushed the sleigh across the road and onto the VAST trails for so long. I don't even remember how long we were out there, maybe 1 hour or 1.5 hours. We were pushing it back to Joe's house to store it but we did not know that. Favorite part of pushing the sleigh was when Andy said "I am kind of tired!" and he and Joe jumped in the sleigh and we pushed them. Oh my god. Hilarious.

approaching the fence we will have to lift it over
up and over!
ah, Joe smiling. we did it!
Ok, next up. Climb Joe's Mountain. Straight up. No trail. Just straight up. I have been up that mountain a zillion times, but not this way. It was so beautiful, the snow was deep, and this is where I got really tired and emotional. No one had snowshoes with them (dumbasses! we left them at the greenhouse) so we were slogging. Joe lead the way like it was a paved road...amazingly strong. Jordan, who can read a situation and is the smartest dude I know, asked if he could take my pack. I said yes, knowing that I really should be huffing it myself, I let him. He saved my ass. We continued up the mountain for an hour or so I think. Toward the top, Joe was there and he saw I was tired and he put his hand out and said good job. I started crying just after that. I was tired...probably 16 hours in at the point and should have eaten more before starting up the mountain. I was also overwhelmed with what Jordan did for me. If he had not carried my pack, I would have been a mess. I went behind Joe's Cabin and cried  my ass off for a minute or so and then came out and joined the group. Joe said "Listen up! sit your asses in the snowbank and listen to Andy's story". Friggin' 60 Minutes was there and got my crying in the snowbank while Andy was telling us a long story about a Russian Swimmer. Andy can tell a story...wow. He did not even take a breath! :) When he was done, we started down the mountain. I could not stop crying!! I yelled to Andy, "Andy, why am I crying!?!?!!? I don't want to quit I just can't stop!!" He said "hold up, Joe. We need to regroup." So, this is where Andy explained to me that I was in a low spot and that I would come out of it. He offered to take my pack but the pack was no issue any longer and I kept it. He gave me an Omega vitamin (he had that in his pocket? random) and I came out of my low and was all of a sudden wicked happy. I stayed up front with Joe and Andy and Keith was up there too. The woods were so beautiful and I was so present at that point. The snow was deep, Joe was quiet carrying his bucket of webbing (for our next task!) and Andy was talking away. This is where I witnessed the awesome dynamic between Joe and Andy. I am not even going to try to put it into words. You just have to see it. Two very different personalities and for some reason, it just works and it is amazing. Those who have seen it know what I mean and I will leave it at that.

Andy telling his story. Me with my pack.
crying in the snow bank listening to Andy :)
So, we bushwhacked down the mountain and then we were at the river. Oh boy. The boards we hauled that night before were across and we had to cross over. Don and Peter and Norm were on the other side waiting for us. Time to cross. So, Todd explained that taking your boots off and walking barefoot would be the best way if you did not have waterproof boots because you will get soaked and won't be able to keep yourself warm. If you blast across and get your feet back in the dry socks and boots, boom, you are done and you are warm. Ok! I watched Andy do it. I don't think anyone else did. Others had garbage bags and I am not sure how successful that was. So, I said, fuck it, boots come off. I ran across and up the I Beam that was in the water and there I was, standing there, with no plan in the snow! SO DUMB. Todd immediately told me to sit down and he unzipped his snow suit and put my feet in his groin to warm them up. And, it worked! Thanks for the warm groin, Todd! Someone helped get me new socks out of my pack as my feet were warming up and Todd put them on my feet and in my boots and I was good to go. Yay for 60 Minutes filming that whole thing, too.

Next task: pull the sketchy I Beam bridge out of the river! The temperature was dropping, I ran back to the farm to get warm really quickly and then came back to help them. The beam is about 2400 pounds and we were down a few people. But, we did it!

There is the lumber across the river!
about to cross the river...19 hours in I think
60 Minutes crew!
Joe and Peter Borden and Keith Glass
Pulling the I Beam. Yes, Todd Sedlak is making me laugh per usual!

So, at about 2:30pm or so, we headed back to the Amee Farm. Next up, change and get ready for a 10 mile run! Andy and Joe leading the way. We stopped at Riverside Ave and Andy ran up and got us all a Peaks Ibex Beanie hat! And we headed off. I could feel myself getting really cold and the sun was dipping and we were told to go to South Hill Rd and do this 10 mile loop. I "ran" (pffff, run? I was so damn slow) the two miles to South Hill Rd and I was chilled to the bone and Todd was running with me and I said I don't want to go 8 more miles. As I was saying it, I KNEW this is what the Death Race was about. 22 hours in, I was not into being cold anymore and I was letting it get to me. Todd said to make the decision when I got to the road. I got there and turned around. Todd came back with me, I stopped at the General Store for a warm drink courtesy of Don, and then hiked back to the Farm. I thought I was done with the camp. I was not jumping up and down that I was done because I was feeling ok besides being really chilled. On the way back, I was told that we were going to move the Spartan Walls BACK onto the trucks! Holy shit, I thought we were done with those bastards. We now only had 8 people to move them. So, we waited for the runners to get back which was about 5-5:30, maybe 6pm, ate some warm food and then we headed back out around 6:30pm to move those suckers back. We did it....it took until 9:30 but we got them back. Don helped us. Good god, that man is so strong. And inspiring. With his help and motivating spirit, we did it.

Yes I am posting this picture again. you bastard WALLS!
We went back into the greenhouse and started packing up. I was so tired that I pulled out my sleeping bag and sleeping pad, set up on the shelf and went to sleep. The lights were on, the heat fans were so loud, but I just fell asleep.I was wanting to say goodnight and goodbye to everyone but my eyes closed. Later on, I could hear Todd and Don talking quietly for a few hours. I woke up at midnight and only Tim and Don and I had spent the night there. I was comfortable, content, peaceful. I fell back asleep. 

I woke up at 6am to find my brain in such a haze. Oh my god. I needed food and water. Don, Tim and I walked down to the General Store for breakfast. I think we were there for almost two hours just talking and chowing. Such a wonderful way to end the weekend. Don had made a joke earlier that since Tim and I had stayed the final task was to go to breakfast at the store he declared everyone else DNF and Tim and I were the winners :)

Female champ! ;) Hey, I got 3-1 odds of finishing at the beginning of the camp :)

I posted these thoughts on my FB page after. I think this is the best summary I could come up with so I will repost here:

1. I did alot this weekend, but I could have dug deeper. I quit a couple times for sure. The cold got me and I let it.
2. people process these events and take from it very differently from each other. I am emotional and process externally. Big crying at one point! Some people like to compete, some people like the adventure. I am and adventure/experience person.
3. Andy and Joe are so different yet they are so awesome together. Watching that dynamic was amazing. And, getting a fist bump from Joe as I approached the top of the mountain with a "good job" was crazy.
4. Todd Sedlak knows so much. Wicked fun listening to all his tid bits of information. (better layering!) And thanks for saving my feet.
5. Don Devaney is one of the strongest people I know. He pretty much pulled those friggin' Spartan Race walls himself at the end. Seeing him get pumped up and jazzed was awesome and inspiring.
6. Robin Crossman is zen. Best part of the weekend was meeting and participating with him. Three time death race finisher. So awesome.
7. Jordan Peters is just awesome. Saved me climbing up the mountain when I was starting to fade.
7. Do more with less.
8. My daughter was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen when I walked through the door this morning.
9. Ready to do it again.

Pittsfield. Where my heart is....

I am forever thankful for Andy and Joe and Peak Races. They have changed my life as I have mentioned a million times before in my blog. Pittsfield is the most amazing place. The spirit of adventure and the people who flock to that town to push their limits...I just can't stay away from there. This weekend, Death Race Camp #2. Am I going back out there again already? Yes. Because I can. Because my heart is there. Because I am on this new path of discovery (that is fact...not trying to be cheesy, here). I understand what Andy and Joe are providing us with...an experience to change our lives. THANK YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. 

Let the training begin.