Sunday, November 11, 2012

Run Your Can Off!

Yesterday, I participated in Run Your Can Off in Winooski, VT. It is a benefit for the Winooski Food Shelf. Instead of paying a registration fee, you bring can food or a frozen turkey. What a great way to support the community! This was a different kind of run for me. Run a 1.30 mile loop over and over again. No hills. No mountains. Urban trail and could hear the cars zipping by on the highway as I plugged away. An aid station every 1.30 miles. Tons of food. No wet muddy hiking trails to slog through. No obstacles. No barbed wire. No camelback or food to carry. Wow! That was different and fun! I got to meet some cool people and got to run a few laps with Jack Cary, who is one of the Race Directors for the Death Race. Super awesome guy, strong as an ox mentally and physically. Jack finished the Summer Death Race 3 years in a row and a Winter Death Race and is now "retired" from the race and comes up with the challenges with the other two directors, Andy Weinberg and Joe Desena. He also had just come from climbing Camel's Hump that morning with Andy and he completed a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run last Saturday...23,000 foot elevation change and 50 miles. No big deal. Ha! And, I will hate him on June 21 at the Death Race...par for the course. :) So, I was glad to have fun with him at this race and talk about the suffering that comes with the Death Race. This past year I am done so many different types of races. This was a good way to end 2012 (unless something else comes up!). Now training for the Peaks 50 and Death Race truly begins.

Here are some pictures from the day:

This aid station would soon be full of super good food (they had Fritos)!
Thank you volunteers!

Graffiti at the trail head. 

chilly! let's get running!

racers arriving

Jack Cary and I. Dude is an inspiration.
Thanks for slowing down and running my pace throughout the day!

about 10 laps done

Been running 5 hours. I stopped here at 17 laps. 

Done? Ok, I will have a piece of pizza. I put my backpack on, gave Jack and high five,
and he said, "you should do one more lap." Ok, dropped the pack and did lap 18.
23.5 miles done! Super fun and happy with the day!
Ok, NOW I am done.

Awesome homemade medal made from a crushed can!
I will be back again next year!